Why Waterloo Region

There is so much more to your home then bricks, mortar, walls and paint. The community is the foundation of your home.   Having a high quality home, along with a top notch community makes for a perfect picture.

Together, Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo and surrounding area make up the Region of Waterloo.   Valleyrauss went out into the community to ask community members why Waterloo Region is the best place to live. Here is what they said:

Steph Vandeven
Kid friendly events, activities, walking trails and great “unknown” coffee shops!

Shawn Wilding
St Jacob’s Farmers Market for sure.

Craig Herner
Volunteers, willingness to give back to the community.

MoneySense ranks towns and cities by size from small to large. Waterloo Region is ranked in the category of medium.  It is the place where you can get a lot of amenities that the bigger metropolitan areas boast, like cultural events and nightlife, without so many of the big city challenges like traffic and pollution. You get the quiet, country feeling without being so isolated and removed from the conveniences of the city.

The cities of Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and surrounding areas are not huge, but combining them into Waterloo Region makes us the tenth largest metropolitan areas in Canada.  National and international companies look to locate here.

The Region is full of walking, and biking trails, great shopping, entertainment, culture, the arts, and education.  Waterloo Region is also quickly growing, urbanizing with new condo projects and the LRT. We have a low crime rate and are connected to Toronto by the GoTrain and 45 minutes on the 401 (not during the morning rush).

Top 10 Reasons to Live Here

Our community is fortunate to have so much going for us – and something for everyone to enjoy, which makes it difficult to sum up our best traits in one short list.

From our perspective, and from what we’ve been told by a cross-section of our community, here are the top 10 reasons why our residents have chosen to build their lives in Kitchener:

The Waterloo Region Lifestyle

From our spirited history and heritage that has formed the foundation of our community, to our vibrant arts and culture scene, our countless natural spaces to enjoy active, outdoor living, and high-quality programs and services we provide – the regions quality of life is second to none.

Cultural Amenities

The region has so much when it comes to arts and cultural amenities. From theatre, art, image and storytelling, to music and cultural events, including festivals showcasing a wide diversity of traditions and heritage with choices to satisfy every palette.


Each person has their own story. Our city tells a story, too; a tale of diversity. We are constantly working toward our collective vision of being a community that acknowledges and embraces ethnic, cultural and social differences.

Great Places to Live

Whether you’re a busy professional, retired, or a parent with a young family, Waterloo Region has a neighbourhood to suit your taste, style and way of life. Find your dream home, whether it’s a rambling century home on a tree-lined street or a luxury condo or loft in the heart of downtown. Waterloo Region has what you’re looking for. Lofts, high-rises, duplexes, an entire floor of a Victorian House – the options are all here.

Recreational Opportunities

Within the community there are many recreational facilities, including but not limited to, community centres, indoor pools, outdoor pools, golf courses, ice rinks, a premier sports and entertainment complex – The Aud, and recreational programming for everyone from babies to older adults. Waterloo region is also full of parks, playgrounds, community trails and thousands of acres of groomed and natural green spaces. The nearby Grand River, a Canadian heritage river, is ideal for canoeing, fishing and kayaking.


There are many local sports organizations that offer affordable, instructional and competitive programs from local to international calibre. From basketball to water polo, track and field to swimming, golf and hockey to downhill skiing, there are activities for every sports enthusiast.

Great Schools

Waterloo Region offers a range of public, Catholic and private elementary and secondary schools. With excellent facilities – many modern and contemporary and others in quaint historic buildings amid shaded schoolyards – provide the backdrop against which dynamic teaching strategies come alive. We also enjoy two state of the art universities, University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University. The Region is also home to the widely respected Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, consistently ranked the number one college in the province by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

Health Care

Three hospitals – Grand River Hospital, Cambridge General and St. Mary’s Hospital – provide state-of-the-art medical care to city residents. A major cancer treatment centre – the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre – and an enhanced cardiac care centre are also part of their facilities. The University of Waterloo’s Downtown Health Sciences Campus also includes the Centre for Family Medicine and an integrated primary care clinic, where new doctors train and where a family health team includes physicians, nurse practitioners and other health professionals.

Resilient Economy

Part of Canada’s Technology Triangle, the Region boasts a wonderful mix of traditional and new economy businesses. Varying industry clusters, including a downtown education and knowledge creation cluster, industrial parks, ongoing downtown revitalization, and quickly growing high tech enterprises and start-ups provide a wealth of opportunity for investors and those seeking employment.

Big City Amenities, Small Town Friendliness

What makes Waterloo Region truly remarkable is our ability to provide big-city amenities, while sustaining that small-town, welcoming feel. The Region is a community where neighbours watch out for one another – whether they live in the suburbs or in a new, contemporary loft downtown. People smile and say hello – on their way to the latest performance art show at a trendy local studio. We hold the door for one another, as we carry our Mediterranean-inspired wraps and our mocha lattes back to the office. Waterloo Region is the perfect balance of friendliness and positivity.