Parks & Trails

Waterloo Region has many parks and trails to explore. Some well-known trails, such as the Kissing Bridge Trailway, the Iron Horse Trail and the Walter Bean Trail, span two or more municipalities.

Larger parks, like Bingemans in Kitchener and RIM Park in Waterloo, offer a wide range of recreational facilities such as ball diamonds and sports fields. They include picnic shelters, public washrooms and access to transit and parking.

Experience the beautiful open spaces of Waterloo Region for yourself.


Visit the website of your area municipality for detailed information about their local parks and green spaces:

Trail Maps

Trail maps help you plan your route with markers for access points to trails, transit links and nearby amenities.

The Cycling and Route Map of Kitchener/Waterloo and Cambridge pinpoints area transit routes, multi-use trails, bikeways, local amenities, points of interest and more. The Woolwich Trails Map provides a link to picturesque trails encompassing Elmira, St. Jacobs, West Montrose and more.

For interactive directions, including transit and cycling, try Google Maps. Collaboration between Google and the Region of Waterloo resulted in directions for cyclists, focusing on efficient routes and avoiding busy urban streets and hills. Click on the small bike image for custom cycling routes.

To explore local heritage and history, see our Historic Countryside Tours maps. These maps highlight the historical and scenic wonders of the four townships of Waterloo Region, including stops at buildings and landmarks, churches, cemeteries, farms and railways.

A recent Survey from BMO Capital Markets ranked Kitchener Waterloo in the top ten “Best Cities in Canada to move for work”.

The survey looked at Canada’s largest cities, considering cost of living (cost of housing, taxes…)  and employment (wages, unemployment).

Median income:


Jobless Rate:


Median house price:


1 bedroom rent:


If you’re one of the fortunate residents of the Waterloo, Ontario area you already know – this is the best place to live! If you aren’t, then you should know what you’re missing. Canada’s Personal finance magazine, MoneySense, voted Waterloo one of Canada’s Best Places to Live. If our area isn’t on your short list of homeownership prospects, it’s time to add it!

City Size

MoneySense ranks towns and cities by size from small to large. Waterloo Region is ranked in the category of medium. Not too big and it’s not too small. That means you can get a lot of amenities that the bigger metropolitan areas offer, like cultural events and nightlife, without so many of the big city challenges such as traffic and pollution. You can expect the quiet, country feeling without being so isolated and removed from the conveniences of a large city.

Low Unemployment

One of the key metrics for MoneySense’s estimation of a great place to live is the unemployment rate. The Region’s estimated unemployment rate is barely 5%. This is considered to be quite low in their rankings.

It’s always important to know that the place you live or considering to move to is thriving economically. However, unemployment is also reflected in a lot of other areas. When unemployment is high, home ownership typically drops and property values may suffer. Studies have show that in areas with higher unemployment rates, neighbourhood upkeep tends to also suffer and crime rates tend to alter upwards. Having a high rate of employment is a good sign that a town is healthy and thriving.

Strong Arts and Sports Community

The arts and outdoor activities are what add colour and depth to our lives. Work needs to be balanced with play and ambition should be countered with culture. Waterloo Region is ranked very high in this area.

Just over 2% of the population is employed in the arts and recreation field in some way so you can tell that residents support their endeavours. MoneySense gives the Region a checkmark in the column for a strong arts & sports community.

Waterloo Region is an excellent choice for your hometown. If you don’t believe those of us who already live here, take a look at MoneySense’s rankings and discover how Waterloo Region stacks up in this national ranking.