About Us

Valleyrauss Quality Homes

Ted Strauss, president of Valleyrauss Quality Homes has been building single family homes, and custom homes for over 45 years. Starting as a framer, Ted learned the building trade from the ground up, and still applies his many years of experience, and know-how to the quality of the homes he builds today.

Valleyrauss continues to build quality homes to suit their clients’ needs. Dealing with their many happy clients over the years, and 2nd. generation family members is a testimony to Ted Strauss’, and Valleyrauss’ building expertise.

It’s the level of craftsmanship and detail that Valleyrauss Quality Homes expertly crafts into each custom built home that makes them stand out.

Ted Strauss

President of Valleyrauss Homes

There is a secret to getting the attention of Ted Strauss: tell him you need help to build something, and he will always be there for you. He is a kind man who is grounded in family values.

Ted was born outside of Teeswater, Ontario, with two brothers and a sister. He was raised on a small family farm, where he learned the value of hard work and developed a strong moral code. Over forty years ago, after completing high school, he left the family farm in pursuit of his dream. It all started when he began as an apprentice with Tampa Hall as a carpenter. His experience within the framing industry lead him to follow his passion and start Valleyrauss Quality Homes.

As the Owner and President of Valleyrauss Quality Homes Ltd, he built his company as a result of determination, long hours, and hard work. He says, “When there is work to do, you have to be on site to ensure it is done correctly.” He believes that “people pay for a quality product and should get a quality product!” He loves that he has been blessed with a gift, the ability to build houses that his clients turn into homes. In fact, his favourite part about building is having his clients become like family.

Ted is a family man who adores his daughters. Ted’s oldest daughter Jackie is married to Shawn Thomas. They have two children, Maddison (age 7) and Wesley (age 6). Shawn is an HVAC technician. They currently live in Princeton where Jackie owns her own coaching and consulting business, Key Solutions, where she helps people discover solutions from within. Maddi loves to dance and Wes is a wiz with the soccer ball.   The building gene runs strong, as this little man is a natural with the tools. As a family, they enjoy downhill skiing, camping, and gardening. They sponsor local sports teams and enjoy sharing random acts of kindness.

Ted’s younger daughter Laura, is an elementary school teacher who is active in road biking, coaching rep basketball and running local fundraisers. Together her and Jeff Yomans live in Plattsville. Jeff has two children, Ashton and Eden. As a family they love going to the cottage, boating, and fishing.

Jackie and Laura’s favourite childhood memories are of the weekends they spent boating at Turkey Point. They would be required to be “up and at em” by 6am to go fishing, because the “Early Bird Gets The Worm.” As young kids and teenagers the best way to ensure the girls were up is to promise them a stop at the swimming sandbar and a foot long hot dog at Dover on the way back to the Marina.

Both girls were amazed the day they saw their dad show off his skills as a solemn water skier.

Ted has a passion for old Corvettes. When the girls were young Ted would take them to the car shows and register the cars in their names.

People got a kick from watching these young children go up and claim their prizes.  Ted and the girls even have a family theme song they can be caught singing when they are together. Their favourite line being, “Remember that unless you wanna finish last, you got to kick a little.” (Little Texas)

Ted’s most recent love is for the game of golf. He enjoys driving his game to a new level each time he is on the course.  Of course, living in Kitchener, Ted attends as many Rangers’ games as possible. In typical Canadian fashion, he loves hockey—even to the point of supporting the Maple Leafs!

Any spare time that Ted has is spent visiting his mom and watching his favourite program, “The Voice”. You can often catch Ted being humorous as he is smiling and signing to his favourite country and western songs.

Written By: Christine Strauss and Jackie Thomas